Thursday, March 1, 2012

Happy March!

Happy Month of March everyone.  First off may I share a recent great little find from Pinterest...

which I modified into this individual sized Patrick's Day Treat - so fun!
Joseph helped me arrange the rainbows...
9 individual plates of Fruit Rainbow goodness with marshmallow and whipped cream clouds and a little bit of gold...
Could not find those gold foil wrapped Rolos anywhere, but the Hershey's nuggets worked out pretty well, the kids were all smiles ~

Glad that I stumbled across this BEFORE St. Patrick's Day instead of after, which is what usually happens to me with cute holiday ideas. So I wanted to share so you can do it too if you want, it just seemed so cute yet doable. :)

And in other news... just for fun, thought I'd share~ I am slightly obsessed with this song right now - been blasting this song on repeat, the kids and I almost have the lyrics down. I love it - how come I never heard of this song before? Did you know about it? And if I've been the only one out of the loop, how come you never filled me in? Huh?! Next time there's an awesome song out there, you better tell me. Thank you to Stephanie Nielsen for bringing Brandon Flowers to my attention (watch that video of Brandon she links to).

I totally agree with her - one of the things that brings me the most happiness is seeing Corey being a great father.
He's amazing.

Playing Mario Kart with the kids on New Year's Eve - it was so funny - I got a video of it but the uploading is having issues... he was talking smack with the kids but then he'd choke and drive Bowser off the edge, it was really funny cause he acts so competitive with the kids 

(I think it's a strategy of his to give the kids confidence when they beat him).  Have a great month!
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