Monday, December 3, 2012

Concert Report

Spaceman! - going through the galaxy on the big screen there...
Everyone holding up their cells as they sang "Don't want your picture on my cell phone..." that one was one of my favorites of the concert experience.

Ok, my opinion about concerts after going to one:
1) Pretty fun.  I think if I was a teenager and was there together with a big group, it would have been really fun.  As for Corey and I, obviously not much conversation going on, and what we did try to say we had to repeat several times cause it was...
2) Very Loud.  The opening band said "You guys are gonna love it!  You won't be able to hear for a week!!  Yeah!" - to which Corey and I looked at each other with big eyes saying "uh-oh, that's not good..."  I like listening to their music, I want to be able to listen to it and hear it, and that's gonna require me to have my sense of hearing, so that's gotta be protected as #1 priority here.  Luckily I had these babies in my pocket, which we kept in for most of the time once the show started.
Corey said he wouldn't have thought to bring plugs.  "How did you know?" 

3) Hard to hear the music - I took out the plugs on a few of the songs, and it was still pretty hard to hear cause it was so loud, but still we knew what they were saying even if we couldn't really hear it well, and it was good to have the experience.

4) Hard to see - we kinda had a bad angle, people in front of me were tall, not a big deal for the cheap tickets we bought. 
A live camera kept showing on the big screen, and there above you can see Ronnie the drummer, he is always just dripping with sweat.  I had fun watching this guy a few rows in front of us
He didn't have a good beat/timing or seem to know most of the lyrics, but he was dancing and totally into it, it was fun/cute.  He seemed like a little kid.

So, we left a little early after the encore started and as we walked out could hear a lot better in the hall, Corey bought a shirt for a business contact/Brandon Flowers fan in Colombia, no line at the t-shirt stand (good timing!) and as we walked out we could still hear outside so knew the closing song, and listened to Battleborn on the cd player as we beat the traffic out.  I don't think we loved it, but it was fun, glad we did it to know what it was like and check it off the list of things to do during life.  I don't think we'll go to one again any time soon.  We did think it would be fun if it were a dance concert and you really could get out there and dance to the songs. 

Mostly glad our ears were not ringing after.  :)

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