Monday, March 18, 2013

Confident Kids

I've been working all weekend on my Home Management Book, and I still have a lot to do, but oh boy am I'm full of energy from what I've done so far!  I stayed up later last night than I should have, but I still hit the ground running this morning.  I'm going to be documenting all the amazing steps of how to make a Home Management Binder on my Homemaker blog and will probably link over to there quite a bit over the next few weeks.  Just posted about the Job Wheel I made last night.  But anyway, if you are a mother who feels over your head with it all, keep checking over there cause I think Amy's system is gonna be working miracles for me, maybe it can help you too.  
Today I did my scheduling and goals with each kid individually, it was so fun!  Mel went first, so hers was the longest session as I was still figuring it out and trying to find my lists and papers and stuff.  I'll be posting on the homemaker blog all the lists of things to go through for that, but it was just fun and great to have all the things that are jumbled up in my brain typed up and cleared out - it's like I'm cleaning out my brain and getting it all in a book, so my frazzled head is going to be so clear and free of all the things that have made it a mess!  Exciting!  And tonight after prayer the kids all said they liked and appreciated having time to talk with me and have us both set up our plans for the week - they know my expectations and were cool with it all, and I was able to find out from them (and write down!) the things they need help with.  As Amy said "Informed kids are confident kids."  This system is going to empower them and me.

On a normal silly note, these two smurfs got into the red peppers yesterday as I stepped away from making a dinner salad to do planning.  Lily and Sophi think Red peppers are apples. 
We were all laughing at them.  Such healthy kids!
Ethan dressed up Sophi for St. Patricks day.  She had green pants under that 10/12 size shirt of Mel's that he stole from her drawer, just to make sure Soph was extra safe from any leprechaun pinching.  :)

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