Wednesday, March 13, 2013


Joseph is taking a Home Ec class at school.  Well, "Home Ec" when I was a in jr. high, now called CTE or something?  It includes a term of sewing.  He had to make shorts.  I didn't want to go buy material, so he used an old bedsheet from Chile that we don't use cause it's elastic is stretched out, we'd been hanging on to it to make forts.  It's a lovely chartreuse color, a color in high demand for young teenager's clothing, haha. Joe's such a good sport to not ever be picky for me.  So, he made his shorts, got an A, but he didn't account for the hem when he measured so they are too short for him.  Not that he wanted to wear these ones anyway, but he knows for next time.  As for these beauties, he gave them to Sophi.  Now she's all ready for St. Patty's day, our little leprechaun.  She makes me smile

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