Friday, March 8, 2013

Sleeping Baby

Sophi helps me start each day with a smile.  Most every morning I see she's once again at the foot of our bed with her little rump up in the air and it just makes my heart happy. 
I just love to see her, it's just a picture of cuteness and innocence.  She goes to bed normal enough, although she never wants a blanket.  During the really cold winter nights we experienced last month and in January, I'd put her in a warm jacket before bed to keep her warm.  Anyway, she seems to think our shag carpet is her bed.  She kinda reminds me of a little puppy, but puppy's don't stick their bottoms in the air like that, do they?
So I guess she's just sleeping like a cute little baby or kid then, which is fitting, cause that's what she is.

My hips started their pregnancy pain this week - you know, where the cartilage loosens up and so there's sharp pains when you try to stand up or walk after sitting in a hard chair too long or after sitting on the floor for any length of time, you know?  Well, I began hating being pregnant again an dfeeling sorry for myself and dreading the fact that I've got 19 more weeks of discomfort and pain.  Then Sophia came near to me and wanted to be help, I picked her up and kissed her little cheeks.  I asked her "You're worth it, aren't you?"  She just looked at me with her big brown eyes.  Of course she didn't say anything, and she didn't have to cause I knew the answer already.  This new baby doesn't quite seem real yet, it's is just a flutter in my stomach and a someone I don't know who will come to us in July... kinda abstract and surreal.  But soon enough it magically turn into a miracle in my arms that I'd move hell and earth for.  It's kinda an act of faith.  Excited for that delivery day, and it's worth the suffering and discomforts.  On Mitchell's Journey two days ago, he commented on the link between suffering and compassion, suffering and our capacity to love (I reposted it here).  God makes no apology for our pains, but they are a vital part of our growth.  I will try to remember that, and how I can use this time when my physical body is in discomfort and pain to grow in faith and learn.  I'm lucky to know that it will be over in a few months, compared to kids with DMD who live in pain.  It's all about perspective, I can be grateful and hope to not just endure it, but endure it well.  Don't shrink.  (Great talk there! - Elder Bednar's remarks start at 18:45, Sister Bednar's brief talk is great too)


  1. Love the stink bug sleeping pose. So cute!

  2. "stink bug" pose - I didn't know the name of it, thanks! (that name is cute!)

  3. Such a cutie! And I love your thoughts. It is all worth it!


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