Friday, March 15, 2013

Home Management Book

Thursday morning I was a volcano about to errupt.  My house is once again out of control as was evidenced by every room I walked into.  Corey's wallet had been found by a 3 year old and we spent the morning searching for his credit cards from whatever nook and cranny they had been dispersed to, nothing is safe, knowing how to manage our life and kids and house is a battle I just can't seem to figure out.

I sent an email to my backdoor neighbor Amy, cause a month ago as I was sharing my frustrations with her, she told me how she's got a system in place that is working great and has been for 3+ years!  That got my attention.  So I emailed her Thursday to say I'm at my wits end once again and would like to come see her book and system when she had a chance.  Today was my lucky day, and I got to go pick her brain and see her hard work and I took pictures and got motivated and inspired and am super excited to put her system in place for us.  She's got lists and plans and follows through with them, I was so inspired, lots of ideas I've had that I just haven't gotten put together, they are all jumbled up in my brain.  Look at this page - doing great stuff like working her way through a cook book and trying new recipes everyweek - something I dream about but don't do.  Well, lucky timing for me, cause this is my year to DO!!
She's got six kids ages ranging from 1 year to 12, so we're in pretty similar circumstances, only I'm pregnant and lazy right now and she's just busy busy, wow, impressive weekly calendar, compared to mine, but she's able to keep on top of it.
Anyway, totally excited me, I'd stay up all night working on it if I could, but that wouldn't be wise.  I had a busy day, but again, I'm excited and motivated to take another step that's hopefully in the right direction to get a handle on this raising a family thing.  One page in her book was called "End Game" which is her long term plan for what she wants to accomplish before her oldest leaves for college or a mission when he's 18, just 6 years away for her.  Joseph is 13, so we just have 5 years before our family dynamics change for the rest of our mortal life.  Not a lot of time to enjoy these kids, time keeps marching on and slipping by.  They are growing up fast, time to figure it out.  I'll be sharing her ideas as soon as I can, first gotta clean off my desk here that is drowning in paper.  Look at how out of control I let things get...
I'm glad this picture doesn't do the mess justice.  It's really bad....definitely not inspiring my children by my messy example, I'm sure.  sigh.  I guess tackling this desk is first priority, then watch out life, cause I'm making a home management book that is gonna rock your world.

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