Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt

We went to a neighborhood Easter Egg hunt today after school.  The older kids each helped a younger kid, but I got to hang with Sophi, and I just loved it cause I knew exactly what she'd do ~ she'd find one egg and be done.  She'd sit down with her one egg, no caring that there is more out there, she's just enjoy her simple treat, no need to hunt for more more.  Toddlers live in the now, and since she had one now, she was content.
Luckily it had lots of little sixlet chocolate malt balls in it, so she was able to enjoy them for a while.  Abi came back with her 10 eggs, I'd send her off to find more for Sophi so we were ready with more treats when she did eventually finish her first orange egg.
Abi presented her with a sparkly pink egg.  It was cute. Love little kids. 
Mel is so nice too, she helped Lily and a neighbor girl and then played with them coloring with chalk and helping them open their eggs.  It was a pretty day, so glad spring is in the air!

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