Friday, April 5, 2013

A Bad Bonk

Melodie and Sophi were playing with the guinea pigs in the back yard yesterday, and then Melodie went to put the pigs away and left Sophia on the hammock, and then Sophia fell off the hammock and hit her eye on the metal frame of it, and it must have hit in just the right spot on her cheek bone cause boy, it got swollen up right away.  She would not let me put ice on it, but the swelling went down during the evening.  However, this morning when her little sleepy face greeted us, it about broke my heart!  Look at that little eye!
 Well, once she stopped goofing off and making silly faces
There it is - look at that poor little eye, oh Sophi Baby!!!
Are you okay?  I took her to the mirror and she seemed a little disturbed by her reflection.  After I took these pictures I showed them to her on the camera and she just said "Baba!"  Yes, look at that cute baba.  You are a cutie Sophi, an I'll kiss your little eye all day and try to make it better.

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