Monday, April 22, 2013

World's Best Mom

Pin a blue ribbon upon my chest, I'm feeling like I deserve an award.  And I'm being sarcastic for saying it would be the "Best Mom" award.

So I was just downstairs at the computer in Corey's office, which office I rarely if ever go in to to use the computer, so I feel grateful I was in there, because I just happened to be in one of the few spots of the house where I could see what I saw. Yea, lo and behold, I did happen to look out the window at those little things moving, what is that I see?  Two little feet dangling off of the roof?  I stand and look for a better view, and sure enough, there on the patio roof are my two little daughters, ages 3 and 5, the younger sitting, the older standing, smiling and looking out at the world with little eyes full of wonder at awe, amazed at the perspective  up here at this new and great height at which they are at.

My mind: "OH MY GOSH..." but no use calling at them from the lower window I know so I quickly go bookin' it up the stairs in a mad dash saying "OhmygoshOhmygosh" and I make Hyrum's and Sophia's hearts race too as thunder past them as they quietly read and I leap two stairs at a time going up to my room where I had left these two lovely girls.  They had been playing house.  I go to the bay window area where the window is open which leads to the roof and I see they are still safe and alive on top of the roof and I say with feigned calmness "Abi, Lily," and they carefully walk over to the window, I bring them back in, shut and lock the window and then I gasp for air and I spend the next 20 minutes trying to breath and calm down from my heart attack.

"YOU CANNOT GO ON THE ROOF, you cannot climb out the window, that is not allowed, who's idea was that? (Abi's) Why would you think that was okay to go out there?" I say and ask these questions over and over again and I'm venting and thinking of what I believe inspire this little adventure... over the weekend, Corey fertilized the back lawn, so the kid's play slide was pushed over off the lawn on to the dirt right by the shed.  Despite my "I'd rather you guys didn't do that" plea, Ethan had been proudly teaching his siblings who were willing how to climb onto the roof of the shed.  I watched them and prayed they wouldn't fall, if they did I guess it would be about a 7 foot drop onto the dirt, probably cause a broken bone but not death so, I reluctantly let them live and learn and they all survived.  Even Abi and Wes made it on top, which Ethan brags about to make Hyrum feel bad "Even a FIVE year old could!!!" and I'm praising Hyrum that he is my model child who has not given in to the peer pressure - he didn't feel good about it, thank you my son, good job buddy.  So, the other kids are all feeling so big and brave and tough.  Yes, I'm sure that is where Abi's brilliant idea came from to take her little sister out on the roof with her.  I'm guessing that one would have been a 12-15-ish foot drop onto the grass, depending on where you measure the angled roof from.  Probably survivable, but I lectured Abi for a few minutes that THAT is what I have nightmares about, THAT is what scares Moms, is their kids falling from a high place and getting hurt or dying.  Relating it to nightmares made her understand a little bit why I was freaking out.  She asked "How come grown ups get to go on roofs?"  We don't go on roofs to play, we go if we have to (like when we cleaned out the gutters in the fall, everyone wanted to go up with Corey) We also go get shots at the doctor if we have to.  We get shots, and get on the roof sometimes, not cause it's fun or cause it's a game.  It's not a game, it's dangerous and we don't do it unless we have to.  Not sure how much of that clicked for her.  I called Corey and told him my heart attack story for a few minutes, then lectured Abi again, then called Nicole and told her, then my heart was about calmed down enough to function.  Not really something you go post and laugh about on facebook or anything, cause then you get one of these awards, right.  - not
I know it's just life and things like this happen to all parents, but man, deep breath, don't like it.  Glad they did not get hurt.  Window is now locked, we're going to have a little family lesson on this tonight: "Why you should listen to your parents", Corey's asked to teach the lesson and I've obliged.

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