Friday, April 5, 2013

Treat from Dad

Corey was in Texas for a few days on a quick business trip and got back last night. On his flight back he had a connection in Arizona where he purchased treats for the kids.  Some regular candy, then a really special surprise.  He presented the surprise first ~ "Who wants a SUCKER?!?!"  Abi and Lily were jumping up and down "ME!! ME!!  I do!! I do!!"  He gave it to Abi.  She said "YAY!!!"  Then took the sucker.  Looked at it.  Paused.  "Actually, I don't want a sucker..."  Lily?  Do you want the sucker?
Uh, that would be a "no."
I was repulsed.  The rest of the children were equally offended at the idea.
That, my friends, is a real scorpion in there, not plastic.
Isn't that just the grossest thing ever?  These guys gotta only be making money selling these things cause people are using them for practical joke gifts.  "No, people really eat them" Corey insisted.  Bleck.  Lily went off on a "I hate sco-pians" speech.  Corey asked her "Why did Jesus make scorpions?"  "Jesus didn't make sco-pions." she replied.  "Then who made them?"  "Maybe the monsters did!  Let's put the sco-pians in the MUDS!"  Sounds good to me.

So if you want to be grossed out, or find a good gag gift for that special person in your life that you're trying to one-up, here's their website.  (Yuck!!!)

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