Tuesday, April 2, 2013


Corey has had my computer at work ~ he's "nuking" it again for me, cause it's got bugs.  He's had it since Friday.  I'm up in the morning right now using his computer before he takes it to work.  Hopefully my computer will be done today, but then again, wow - it's amazing at how productive I've been around the house without it.  Last night I came here to his computer to try and check my email (all junk mail messages) and Sophi kinda freaked out.  Is that another sign that I am sitting in front of this little machine too much?  I'm thinking this experience is good for me.  I should probably spend less time at the comptuer.  Think of all that I could accomplish!  Although I had to modify dinner last night cause I couldn't google the side dish that was in my brain, and Mel and I didn't finish an easter craft that I'd seen on pinterest, and Hyrum wasn't able to do Khan Academy during homeschool yesterday, but the pros have been pretty obvious: I cleaned all day yesterday and the house is amazingly clean, and not just rooms, we're talking drawers and closets too, Abi and I read together, I made a great dinner, and I feel really fulfilled and satisfied.  Very interesting.  Yes, I belive my computer being gone has been a blessing in disguise, and now I get to choose what I do with this new knowledge.  I'm thinking maybe I'll only sit down at the computer when kids are in bed maybe.  Or maybe limit my computer time to a certain hour of the day?  Or to once or twice a week?   Exploring that topic...

Another topic I explored over the past month and a half was whether I like not knowing the gender of our baby.  Of course, I did find out the gender when I had my ultrasound in February and told Corey the gender, but I was exploring whether it was fun for the kids not to know, and thus vicariously see if I liked not knowing.  And I've decided I don't.  For me, there's already so much of excitement in even having a baby when they are born, finding out the gender is a way to make the excitement and anticipation last longer.  So Sunday we told them and it's nice to have them not nagging and going crazy with curiosity.  I've wanted to tell the kids and relatives for a few weeks, but Corey said I couldn't set policy and then just go change it just because.  I protested that I wasn't officially setting policy, I was just exploring the topic and trying it out for size, a very Venitian thing to go.  He was being a very focused Maritan.  But, thankfully his mother's birthday helped break him, cause if there's anything she really wanted that we could give her, it was to know if it was a boy or a girl.

And it's a girl. 

4 little girls in a row!  We are gonna have such the house of teenaged drama in 13+ years.  I have 4 sisters though, so I'm thinking I can handle it.  A few years ago when we were a family of 5 kids, 4 boys and just 1 girl, I was thinking I had gotten myself into something that I didn't know how to deal with.  But the girls have come from behind to take the lead, 5-4.  We were all sure it was a boy, cause we just haven't had a boy baby for so long, and Wes was hoping he could have a little brother, so... there might just be one more... (again, not setting policy here, just exploring the topic) - Corey and I don't know how many kids we want.  If you were to ask Corey, he answers "Three.  ... but we can keep the ones we have."  My thought is that we just take these kids one at a time, so I'll see how I'm feeling later this year.   (And I'm betting that day 1 after seeing this angels face that my pregnancy amnesia will have already started to set in...)

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