Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Toddler Chores

I don't even have to ask her.  If the dishwasher is open, Sophia is unloading the silverware.  (Hilarious to watch from this angle.)
That is her territory.  Doesn't matter to her if the silverware is clean or dirty.  (Luckily it was clean this time)

She throws them in the drawer with the cutest little forceful hand toss ~ flinging them in one by one.
She's showing those spoons who's in charge, and each time she's done with a handful, she closes the drawer before going for more utensils.

It just makes me smile and laugh and my heart swell.  It's amazing that we find such fullness of joy through these little snippets of life ~ Simple delightful moments that come from being parents and having the privilege of associating with these little heavenly creations.

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