Wednesday, June 17, 2015

2 Weeks Left

We're leaving in two weeks. Corey and I have both been asked to speak this Sunday at church, so that should make the time pass and keep me busy this weekend as I try to figure out how to speak Pork-a-Geez. We call Portuguese "Porkageez" every now and then, cause that is what Lily called Portuguese when we first got here. She'd say "I can't speak porkageez!" and I thought that was pretty cute and funny.

Then next Wednesday is "American Cake Night and Talent show for the last missionary activity we put on.
I'm planning on being busy on Monday making cardboard covered with foil for cakes, and then spend Tuesday making cakes. We haven't delegated any of it out, but if I have a day to prep, should be less stressful and go more smoothly than the American Pancake night. So after that "noite", we're good to go home! I don't think we'll pack anything until the Monday before though, cause we don't have much to pack and the plane doesn't leave until 11 pm on Wednesday, so we've got all day. We're all excited to go back home. Although I heard the temperature is in the upper 90s and 100s in Utah, that doesn't sound to fun! I better enjoy this fall weather here while I can!
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