Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Silly One Year Old

Thought I'd just share some little silly things that Natalie does. One thing - most everytime I am on the phone with Natalie around, she will start to reach for the phone and will plead with me saying "Ethan? Ethan!" Apparently she likes to talk to Ethan and Joseph.
Who can resist those little eyes. Ok, here you go pretty girl.
She usually just needs a quick conversation to touch base. She doesn't like it when she gets his voicemail though. Luckily we usually can catch him on the weekends. She likes to show him the toys in her hands and might take the phone and jibber for a bit, then I'll find it beeping on the floor cause she hung up on him. I think she'll be excited to see them tomorrow! (Yay!) I think they'll be surprised at how much she's grown. It's just been a little over 2 months since we parted ways, but these little ones make big changes month by month and grow up fast.

Another thing she does is go up to Hyrum, point to his watch, and say "Please?" aka "Hand it over, pal." She'll come up and demand it from him most Sunday's during sacrament meeting - he looks at me wondering if he has to, I look back with a "Yup, give it to her" cause the goal at church is to keep Natalie quite and happy. Here she is during FHE last night right after she went and took his watch.
I don't think she's done anything to ruin it, hasn't reset the time or his alarm or anything, so that's good. She did break my tablet last week, not sure how. That's what I get for trusting it to a 1 year old. The screen light won't turn on anymore. I can hear it boot up, but after than I can't see anything and so far haven't been successful in my blind attempts at trying to bring up the music or youtube. Oh well, hopefully we'll be able to get it fixed when we get back to the States.
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