Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Fun with Beanie Boos

While Corey and his half of the kids were gone in Iguacu, here is what we did around here. I mostly kept my blinders on and plowed through the day by reading a lot, practicing piano as much as I could, and cleaning. We had sleepovers every night in my room which was fun I thought ~ I don't often have my chicks so close under my wings.
They put their mattresses on the floor and we barred the door - I usually keep it open so the sun wakes me up, but Sunday night some noises I thought I heard outside woke me up and I was wide awake and slightly shaken. I walked around and made sure everything was locked up and tried to think what I would do in an intruder came in. And then I barred the door and we barred it for the rest of the time that we were here alone without our provider and protector to defend us.

Wesley was such a great helper the whole time. He was so cheerful and sweet to his little sisters ~ he kept them entertained by playing down to their level, leading out in a game with their Beanie Boo toys.
It started with Wesley making some paper wings for Sophi's unicorn on Sunday and then expanded from there - they made many wings, capes, super hero masks, belts, etc for the toys. His room was their operation headquarters, and this is what it looked like last night (and this was after the maid had already cleaned it up once.)
I can totally live with that. I prefer a messy room with happy kids over a clean room with bored kids. They got busy this morning again, making more creations for the toys.
They played all afternoon and I read and we looked forward to the return of Corey and the kids from Iguacu. They flew into the Campinas airport at 2:30. They had to stop by the car rental place for something, then had a flat tire, and then were finally back home around 4:00. Hooray, we survived! Yay! Glad they are back.
Next event to check off is Joseph and Ethan coming in one week! Yes, they're scheduled to arrive in Sao Paulo next Wednesday morning, super excited to all be together again.
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