Monday, June 8, 2015


Abi is funny. She will be 100% sure of something and ask and ask, and then changes her mind after she gets it. She's always says she wants her own room, then when the chance comes, lo and behold she doesn't want her own room. Thus Lily's had her own room here most of the time cause. The rooms are all pretty small and it's hard to fit 3 in a room, so when we first got here in March, first item of business was how to divide 3 by 5 (cause Sophi and Natalie were in our room). Abi wanted to be with Mel so there was a battle of who needs the comfort and protection provided by an elder sibling more, the 7 year old or the 5 year old. Lily lost, not sure how, Abi probably bribed her somehow. But after Gianinna left, Lily went back to her own room. After a week Abi convinced her to let her have a go at it and she did pretty good the for 6 days. But then on Saturday night decided when it was time for bed that she didn't want to "sleep all alone!" anymore. So all the girls moved into her room. Mattresses all over the floor.
Poor Lily slept on Mel's yoga mat, which I think would have been a terrible way to spend a night's sleep. She's such a good sport. I think she usually gets the raw end of the deal. But all is well. They slept over again last night, then tonight I just went around and counted kids (after Lily did her usual night time ritual of waking up an hour after she goes to bed cause she has to go to the bathroom. Sometimes it's so funny, she'll just be running around darting from room to room and she wails incoherently in the dark, she's a weirdo.) So after helping her and putting her back in bed, I see that tonight's sleeping arrangement is Mel, Abi, and Lily together ~ Sophi is not in our room... Where is Sophi? I peeked into the third room and there was Sophi in there by herself, Wow, wonder how that happened. Abi's afraid but not the 3 year old.
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