Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Today is our last full day in Brazil - we head home tomorrow! It seems like it's been so fast, and it also feels like it's been forever. That's "time-warping" for ya. Today I finally saw the Movie M0uth office here in Campinas. It was a lot smaller than I thought it would be, cause I guess I was still thinking too "US-ish" when it came to office space. But then after seeing it, I thought "Well of course it's gonna be small and crowded here, that makes sense." Corey's cubicle is by their front door, so he gets to answer the door everytime mail came or food deliveries.
Corey told me how each office only gets one parking stall in the building's garage. So they have a place around the corner where they all park - Nani Park.
Ah, parking... something I will not miss (along with driving here). We take parking lots so for granted in the US of A. We joke about how whoever designed all the roads and infrastructure here just didn't think cars would ever catch on, so they planned their lives for traveling by bus. There is really hardly any parking anywhere. I am looking forward to the spacious roads and parking lots in the United States!

So, the office wanted to send Corey off with a team lunch. So after seeing the Movie M0uth digs, we all got into our little cars and went to a churasscuria in Barao Geraldo.
Good stuff. I ate too much. I don't have much room in my stomach as it is. But I tried to sample as much as I could. I'm going to miss maracuja pudding, it's good.
After the lunch, Corey and some of the other sales guys had to hurry off to Sao Paulo for a meeting. I went home with plans to start packing. But then I didn't, cause last night our neighbor invited us over to play with her cute granddaughters who were visiting her from Sao Paulo for the week. So at 2:00 I walked the kids over there to play and then we all stayed. She is really nice, Sandra. She made sandwiches, popcorn, juice and cake, she runs a cute little cake shop out of her home. We first met her after our unbirthday party, when Wesley shot his arrow over into their yard. Not the one where he climbed on the roof and almost got electrocuted. This one they just went over to ask for the arrow, and they came home with a cake. :) Nice nice lady. So she and I visited while the kids played. My little girls were so excited to see the toys they had -
I ended up leaving around 4 and then called over the fence for the older kids home at 5 for their final Portuguese lesson with our friend Renata. She has been so nice to take so much time to come give them lessons three times a week. We all got teary when we said goodbye to Renata.
Then I started to pack a little bit. I've only packed two bins, but I also have separated out a lot of clothes and toys and other household items to give to people here. I think I'll have a busy day tomorrow! But our flight doesn't leave until 11:30 at night, so we've got the whole day. But yeah, will be a long busy day, followed by a long trip home. I better get some sleep while I can.
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