Tuesday, June 2, 2015


Corey, Melodie, Hyrum and Abi went to Iguaçu yesterday. Here are some pictures 
Corey said it was amazing. They took a boat ride up the river to the bottom of the falls. They were told they would get wet, Corey figured it would be from the mist, but then realized it was cause the boat drivers were nuts and looking to give some shock and awe to their customers. They drove the boat underneath some of the small falls, making the boat fill with water, which Corey didn't think is a good thing to do to a boat with people in it. The Argentines in the front of the boat were chanting and loving it though. I'll update with more pictures when they get back tomorrow, but here are a few more - they also went to an aviary with tons of birds that would come diving at your head and were flying everywhere - made Hyrum and Abi freak out.
They also visited a butterfly room, that was more on Abi's level of enjoyment, she loved that one.
As for me and my friends, we went to the mall last night and killed several hours ~ one hour wandering around slowly (Natalie kept us going at a 1 year old pace) and then hour two we had dinner at Divino Fogao and then we went to a movie. We waited for an hour for that to start, Wesley entertained his little sisters, he's awesome
- they played a game where they ran across the lobby to give him a hug, then ran back to the other side, and did it again and again while I sat on the couch.
It's good they got out all their energy before the movie started. Natalie, ever observant, took a turn playing the "give me a hug" person kneeling down and had Wes run to her.
Then we saw Cinderella. For some reason I was under the impression it would be in English. But it was in Portuguese, so it didn't created the restful escape from reality I was looking for, since I couldn't quite get lost in it. Hard to get lost when your brain is trying to figure out what in the world is being said. But luckily we all basically knew the story plot, so it was still good.
Wes! Why are you happy?!?! No smiling! Remember, you're mad you have to watch Cinderella, you wanted to watch the Avengers!
That's better. 
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