Friday, April 29, 2016

Ethan's SBO Video

Ok, today is the day that they have the video assembly at the junior high. I was thinking of trying to go, but left Owen's car seat in the van, and Joseph has that. Plus the assembly started at 9, and at 8:30 my little ones were all still asleep. Seems like a tragedy to wake them and not take advantage of the quiet time. So, Corey went to the assembly and skyped me in via his phone, sweet! So we were able to see all the videos and see how we feel his compares, thus helping with the drama as we all further weigh in and speculate on his chances of making it. Eth's video was definitely the most professional. Take a look:

Being a perfectionist (and having a perfectionist father) probably helped with that. The skype call dropped for me at the beginning of his opponents video. Ah, the suspense. Ethan was shorter than the other guy, which might help him with the sympathy vote as he appears to be the underdog. They are probably voting right now, cause they do it right after the assembly. But they don't find out the results for a few weeks, that's gonna be a killer. Well, no matter what happens we love you and think you're pretty darn great, good luck Eth!

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