Monday, November 28, 2011

Time to Retire

Well, I've been meaning to send out cards to several people. The good intentions have been in my head for several weeks, but I keep putting it off cause I want to take by treats with it or get a better card, but yesterday I kept thinking that doing something would be better than doing nothing. So today I did it. As I was doing it and left my three young daughters unattended, Abi held Sophia and Sophia fell asleep, and that left Lily free to do her damage unnoticed...

Yes, I think it's time to officially retire my scripture and get new ones. I received these as a gift from my parents when I turned 12 years old. I took them to seminary, on my mission, and they've were always safe and well cared for until I had children. They've survived a few rips here and there and different attacks with pens that were left out, but this damage I think is sufficient for them to be stored away for posterity.

I'm missing Genesis 33 - 38 now and 2 Nephi 26 - 29.

I guess I could keep using them without those pages, or I can try to use it with the ripped pages kept with the set where they should be, or should I tape them back together even though the tape will discolor over time? Should just put them to rest while they still are kind of in one piece? Oh Lily, I've told her not to rip books, but usually she just rips the scholastic Disney books, and I don't mind that so much cause I can just go buy them again at the thrift store for 5o cents. Don't know why I didn't see this coming. My motherly instincts must be a little rusty. So I got upset with her, spanked her bottom and said NO NO NO, then went and got my camera. She went and hid in her bed with her blanket over her head. I went in to make peace and I pulled down the blanket she was hiding under. (I adore her little face in this picture! with her hair brushed over her little eyes, and those cute lips, love her expression)

Ok two year old, let's see if you understand now what it is that I want you NOT to do. Don't rip book, okay?

Oh, the pain of being scolded is great. The memory still fresh.

...And she doesn't know why I'm taking pictures of her right now...

Jessie also got broken today. She only lasted 5 months! It's been a tough day for Lily!

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  1. I love this post. It makes me know my 2 yr old Bella is normal. I have crayon, pencil, marker marks all over the house. She gets into everything. I have stopped reimbursing the kids if she breaks it or eats it. I have told them to keep their stuff hidden from her! It won't last long, and she loves us so much. It makes up for the naughty:)


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