Friday, April 1, 2016

Hangin' with Cousins

We had a sleepover with cousins last night. My sister and her family have been living in Indiana for several years and they all came out for their spring break to enjoy Utah during General Conference this weekend. She and her husband and their older kids went to do baptisms at the Salt Lake Temple this morning, so her two youngest children, who aren't old enough to go yet, go to sleep over at our house and we had a good time. Abi and Neta are the same age and are BFFs now, and Nate and Wesley are the same age too. I let my kids stay home from school today to play with and get to know their cousins that they haven't seen since Beka's wedding in 2011. It was a lot of fun. Nate on the trampoline and Wes - playing a ball tossing game
They were done at the temple early and all at our house to visit around 10:30. Owen has gotten a little used to strangers thanks to Kiran's training and he let Xela and Aurora both hold him. He was so at ease he even fell asleep in Ro's arms.
Neta wanted a turn with the baby. Good boy Owen, he slept through the transition.
Abi waiting for Neta to be done so they can go play again.
Today is also April fools today. A holiday that we've never done anything to celebrate. Until Ethan got home from school... and he had just received so much fool's day inspiration at school, hooray! So he let loose on the house. At school a group of kids played a joke by turning all the desks in their classroom upside down (brilliant!) so Ethan turned upside down the table benches and the barstools. Nice. But he didn't stop there. Upside down go all the spices and containers in the pantry. Ok, annoying, but not a big deal. Come up and fix the benches and stools. Into the fridge I go where I see jars and containers upside down in there. Pickle juice spilling out, yay! Thanks Eth, so funny! Coconut spilled out too. I'm really cursing him under my breath "Come on Mom! Where's you April Fools' Day spirit?" Ethan, we don't celebrate this holiday. I don't need any help from fools to make a mess in our house, you guys are good at doing that on your own. Please stop it. Did you do anything else? I go to get a spoon so I can feed Owen some food... Ethan, where are the spoons? The silverware drawers are full of cheese sticks and clementines. Just give me a spoon please, and put these back in the fridge! Grr. Melodie actually did a joke that was clever yet harmless. She cut out several big shapes of spiders, beetles and large flies and put them in lamp shades throughout the house. Abi and Neta came downstairs in a panic "MOM! There is a HUGE spider in our room!!!" Luckily it was just Mel's joke. Good job Mel. Gives a startle but no harm done. Ethan turned on the lamp in the front room and called to me. "MOM! Will you come kill this fly please?!?!?" Yep, that is Mel. "It is?" He cautiously peeks under the shade. Phew! See Ethan, that's the kind of joke you can do around here. No mess, just a simple joke with no negative side effects. That kind is mother approved. Please don't celebrate this holiday here at home next year. Have fun at school, but don't mess up the house, we don't need any help with that. 
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