Friday, July 22, 2016


Thought I'd share some sleeping pictures. Natalie crashed during scripture study.
Then we moved her up onto the floor of our room, where she sleeps. I'm hoping that soon she'll start sleeping with the girls, but right now the floor is easy - she stays put, lays there quietly until she falls asleep, and if Owen wakes up crying it doesn't wake her up, so it's not a problem. Most of my kids are pretty deep sleepers, it's very helpful. Sophi usually sleeps in her bed, not sure how she ended up on our floor...
Sometimes Abi is in Sophi's bed, other times she is in Lily's bed. Seems like we should be able to fit all the girls in there, especially if they're playing musical beds and they are doubled up or there are beds that are empty
Lily doesn't wake up screaming these days, atleast not that we're aware of. Actually, I don't think I've ever recorded this information. For posterity (aka Lily when she's a mother and wondering what the freak is wrong with her kids when they wake up screaming at midnight...) For atleast a good year's time, starting when Lily was 5 and through 6 years old, Lily would wake up at night time and wail and moan cause she needed to go to the bathroom. But she was still asleep, thus didn't know how to help herself find the relief she needed. One time she was standing on her bed trying to crawl up the wall. Another time she's sleep walk (sleep run) around the upstairs dashing in and out from room to room, trying to hold it in as she cried for help. We'd take her to the bathroom, pull down her pants (in her sleepwalking state she had forgotten how to do that) set her down on the toilet, then she'd go, then we'd put her back together and she'd go back to bed. Sometimes if she fell asleep early during scripture study or while watching a movie or something, we'd wake her up to make her go, just to spare ourselves from the midnight wailing that would surely otherwise occur. It's good that she's pretty much grown out of that. (Although, her aunt said that while Lily was with them on vacation in Arizona last month, she woke up in the middle of the night when she heard the sound of the hotel room door closing. She went out to search and found Lily sleep walking and attempting to get on the elevator!) 

Wesley is a funny sleeper - he usually had a pile of blankets on his head. Weird. But whatever makes him feels comphy and safe!
And this one is Corey and Owen in the nursery at church. We have the 11 to 2 block time, which is right when Owen naps. He fell asleep this Sunday and so did Corey. I peeked in to check on Corey to see if he wanted to tag team out, but when I saw them napping I decided to take a picture. But first I got caught in a quick conversation with a friend, then I went in to take the picture.... and Corey was awake. NO! Go back to sleep! I wanted a picture. He closes his eyes. No, you're mouth isn't right, it needs to be more relaxed.... that's better...
Then he passed the sleeping baby to me and went to class while I stayed with Owen. And says "Don't ever let anyone tell you your blog isn't legit..." ha :)
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