Monday, November 21, 2011

First Ski of the Season

Corey took Mel, Wes, and Abi on Friday after school. Then again on Saturday he went up, this time with the 4 older kids and also with his brother and his two kids. We missed winter last year, so we're excited to take full advantage of each opportunity this time around. We even rented skis for everyone.

It was Abi's first time skiing and she did great, she loved it! She wanted to go on the lift but the other kids didn't, so she just posed for the camera and they're gonna hit the slopes next time.

(where'd she learn to tilt her head like that for the camera?)

As for this time, they had fun on the bunny hill and rope tow. We love living so close to the canyon - Alta is just 20 minutes away, and at Alta kids ski free after 3! And may I just say that is perfect for our family. :)

On Saturday when Corey went with his brother and his kids, Wes and Abi let their cousins use their skis. With 6 pairs of feet, we've got all sizes! Anyone else want to come play? We've got skis for your kids already! Neil and Amy? Amy, you and Lucy could stay here with me and my toddlers, we'd let the men and boys go have fun, and have hot cocoa and dinner ready for them when they got back. Anyone else? Let me know! Party time in Utah's winter wonderland!

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