Monday, November 21, 2011

Give Thanks

I just thought this Thanksgiving Advent Board was so cute. Link to it here. Maybe I have time to do it before Thursday gets here? Um, probably not. Maybe I'll modify it for a Christmas advent calendar. I'll have a little time for personal crafts and freedom cause Corey is leaving on Friday for Chile again, going to be gone 15 days this time. (I don't feel as much pressure to keep the house tidy when he's gone) He say's it's time for him to "put up or shut up" with MovieMouth, but I know he's not going to give up or shut up about it, I've tried before to persuade him to abandon ship, but he's informed me that that is not an option, so hopefully his pilot will go well or else I guess we'll just keep going down this road till he dies of a heart attack. (I always start thinking of him dying when he leaves on a trip and start making plans for how I'll handle life as a widow. I guess I think if I'm ready for it, it for sure won't happen. I already have an unwashed shirt of his in a zip-lock bag so I can always remember what he smelled like. Corey, you were a great husband. I'll miss you! (Anyone else get crazy like this when hubby travels?))

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  1. I've planned Matt's funeral many times -- so great, because if he dies in a plane crash, I know exactly what to do. The worst thing is that Sam (age14) was on a school trip last week and I had his planned, too. Yes, I'm all kinds of crazy and it just keeps getting worse! (PS, I'm pretty sure this is normal. At least, that's what I'm telling myself.)


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