Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hibberts Rule!

I've been thinking a lot about my awesome family this week, meaning the family I was born and raised in. My family that I'm creating with Corey is pretty awesome too, but thinking about my parents and siblings, they are a funny bunch. Lots of great memories. I'm excited for when my kids get older and become friends and have fun together. They have fun now sometimes, maybe 80% of the time, then are mortal enemies the other 20%. but if I was living with all my siblings now, we'd be having a major blast 24/7 cause we are just so gosh darn funny!

I shall now write a paragraph of different word and phrases to bring back some memories to those involved.

Star Spoon, hamsters, 4 square & dodgeball, Ridgecrest, Candy Houses, He-Man, The Spruces, "I'm going for a drive...", The Littles, soccer, Billy Joel, Star Wars, Muppet Babies, Sport, Gaggamaggot stew, Michael Jackson, Mandy and Jenny Dolls, kick the can, Mannheim Steamroller, green toilet, My Little Ponies, Anzak Park, Ashton Idaho, Butler 11th, Dan's, "Around the block!", Happy Meals, Space Legos, Renting a VCR, Mickey Mouse Phone, big wheel ice cream, Chalkboard on the cupboards, barstools, Upside down Christmas tree, play catch, Snow forts, that very unique print on the upstairs bathroom counter, dog run, pac man in the garden... Your turn Hibberts! What are some more?

I love my 7 siblings ~ Hibberts rule!


  1. I love the "mortal enemies" comment, that's my kids too sometimes.
    Memories: Turning the thermostat down in the summer and sleeping on the floor by the vent, crowding around the fan in the living room, singing to "Shoop" (we must not have realized it was kind of naughty), sleeping in the bathroom when we had the stomach flu (Gross!!), sliding down the stairs in a sleeping bag or pillow case. I can't believe we used to fit in pillow cases! Automatic shipments of cd's. Painted mailbox. Using a flashlight to turn the outside lamp off. This is kinda fun, I think it should move to facebook! =]

  2. love that old picture of you guys!


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