Monday, November 28, 2011

Scripture Power!

The kids got these ADORABLE little chocolate scriptures at church last week after their Primary Program during sacrament meeting - a gift from the Stake Primary Presidency. I think they got the idea for it from here. I thought they were the cutest little handout treats I've ever seen.

They were made with two gold wrapped Hershey's Nuggets chocolates, glued onto a brown piece of paper for the cover of the book, little white paper with your scripture or quote of choice, and then just glue a little bit of red string or ribbon for the bookmark, and there you've got your miniature chocolate scriptures! The kids loved it.

They also did a great job for the program. I think that Abi stole the show ...but not for the usual reasons kids steal shows. She didn’t want to go up on the stage cause she wanted to stay with her cousin Alexis. So Abi was sitting up there with a big pout and cute sad eyebrows. When it was here turn to the microphone, she said her part in such a sad, squeaky whimpering voice “Child of God” and everyone laughed at how cute she was, and laughing at her when she’s in a bad mood turns her into a terrible mood, so she was pretty upset with a bigger scowl and more hurt feelings face than before, but continued to sit up with her class on the bench in the very front. When her next turn came, in the same pathetic squeaky voice she whimpered out “Pray” and everyone laughed again, including me, at how cute this sad little 4 year old was. After seeing her upset after that second round of sighs and chuckles, Corey smiled and asked “Should I go up there with her?” So he went up and sat at the sacrament bench and she came over to her and he held her there for the rest of the program. He told us afterward that among the things she said to him during their time together was “I still love Jesus but it’s not funny!”

Later at home Abi helped me make soup for dinner - she cut the carrots. It's her favorite job to do, she's a cutie.

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