Saturday, November 19, 2011

Hyrum's Contract

Tuesday was "Tool Day" at the kid's school where parents get to come and tell the students what they do for their career. Well, a lawyer came and talked to Hyrum's class and taught them about contracts. He gave them a paper contract as a handout. Hyrum filled it out.

Contract States: Hyrum must build legos. If he does, Corey will pay him 900,000,000-infinity dollars.

Well, when the kids get home they are always pushing papers in front of us to sign - sign my planner, sign this field trip permit, sign that you saw my scores for this week, sign sign initial sign. Hyrum passed his contract over to Corey and told him to sign it. He signed it without reading it and handed it back to Hyrum. Hyrum's eyebrows went sky high and his eyes got big with disbelief, like he's just won the lottery. He held the signed paper up in the air and waved it as he ran around yelling to his siblings "HE SIGNED IT!!! HE SIGNED IT!!!" We brought the terms of the contract to Corey's attention.

Corey said "Oh. Ok...Well, I guess I signed it so I have to keep my part of the contract! You win Hyrum. I'll pay you 1 cent a day." "No! You have to pay all of it now!" "The contract doesn't say when I have to pay it by" and we continued to have a lesson on contracts and why they are usually really long so people can't find a loophole. Hyrum started to get pretty frustrated with Corey trying to weasel his way out of it. Corey told Melodie "I want you to go get rid of all the Legos in the house" - thus making it impossible for Hyrum to keep his end of the contract. Hyrum said "Nooo!!!" Well, I'm not sure how it ended. Corey might have tried the distraction method which is my favorite tool: Hey! Want to play the Wii? Or how 'bout a fruit snack?

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  1. Cute! That is why contracts are always so full of legal mumbo jumbo!


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