Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Candy Bar Game

The Candy Bar game, and here's how it goes:

You will need:

Bags - Get some bags for the treats: brown paper bags, this time I just used random gift bags we had on hand
A die - as in dice, but just one :)
Candy - Today we used some chocolate, some candy, choose what you'd like.

Put one treat in one bag for each kid playing the game, plus some extra treats in another bag all together.

They rolled the die -
roll 1 - trade with the person of your choice
roll 2 - nothing
roll 3 - everyone trade left
roll 4 - guess a treat - if there is one they'd like they can guess for it, if it's in the stash or if someone has it, they do a swap.
roll 5 - nothing
roll 6 - trade with the main stash

We played until everyone had rolled a 6 and had a chance to check the main stash, but you can play for as long as the kids want, or set a timer.

We played it this way today for Melodie's birthday party - I let her plan it out, but I did help make the cake and help with ideas, but I like letting the kid be mostly in charge of it - makes it totally non-stressful. She had 5 friends that were able to come, so with just 6 girls the game was small and simple. Modify it as needed. A way I think I might change this for next time is to get regular sized treats or lots of fun size & miniatures and let them get a collection of treats, so there is more give and take and trading going on, they really seemed to enjoy the drama and uncertainty of it all - what treats will I end up with!?!?

I remember playing something like this once at Alicia's birthday party when I was young - I remember switching candy bars and hiding them under the pillows on our laps. I looked for instructions or a version of it online, I liked this one here, we modified this one for Joe's birthday, but with all the boys it turned out a little too competitive and violent, so we modified it a little again. Feel free to share what you try and how it worked.

Happy Birthday Mel! Her friends were so sweet, too, as they helped take care of the toddler and baby - thank you girls!

Melodie - she likes to try to just blow out one candle at a time, says that way she gets more wishes. :)


  1. Great game! I'll have to remember this one.

  2. I searched candy bar trading game and found your site. This is just what I was looking for, thanks!


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