Friday, July 12, 2013

Details of Delivery Day

So here are the details of the labor and delivery.  So I woke up at 5:30 and curled my hair and put on make up ~ thought I'd try to feel pretty this time. I called the hospital at 7, they said to come in at 8:15.  (Hooray!) so I go and tell Corey who is still resting in bed.  He said he'd get ready and asked me to call his parents to tell them he was going to bring the kids over.  I get the kids up and ready and they are ready really quickly and, like me, were eager to get the show on the road.  Corey wasn't in the shower yet, and so I told Corey I would take the kids over to his parents house and would be back to pick him up.  Left at 7:30, on my way back at 7:50, picked up Corey and I drove us to the hospital (I've always wanted to drive myself to the hospital!)  Corey went up to Dr. Smith's office to pay the delivery bill and I got settled into my room, Corey came back, and soon I was all hooked up to pitocin and monitors and the waiting game began.
Feeling glamorous in my hospital gown
They broke my water at 9:30.  When I started I was at a 1.5 dialation and 30% effaced.  Checked me at 12 and I was dialated at a 3 and 40% effaced.  They checked me every hour and I was going pretty slow.  At 1:00 I was at a 4, both at 2:00 and 3:00 I was dialated to 5 and 60% effaced.  4:00 I was at a 6 and 90% effaced, and then at 5 I was at a 10, "You are ready!  Let's get the Doctor!"  They called for Dr. Smith, he came down and suited up.  One push for the head and they cleared out her nose and mouth, another push for her body, and she was born at 5:14 p.m.  She looked blue and was totally covered with vernix (that white cheesy stuff) and I'm looking at her wondering as usual if everything is okay, cause she wasn't really crying, but the nurses didn't act alarmed or seem to show that anything was wrong.  Corey took a picture of her over at the little place where they were rubbing her down and getting her weight and scores ~ 
When they handed her over she looked super pink and plump, yet so small - at 6 lbs 13 she's my 3rd smallest baby - Lily was 5.13 and Sohpia was 6.10.  Tiny.
Dr. Smith wanted a picture, cause this is the 7th baby for me that he's delivered and that is a record!  He can't believe he's been in practice long enough to deliver 7 babys for the same person.  I asked if I get to be on a plaque somewhere in his office or something.  :)

Corey headed out soon after she was born to get the kids and I had time to just stare at her in wonder and take some pictures.  He was back an hour later and they were excited yet so quiet, like they seem to know there is something sacred and reverent about the little soul they were meeting.  We went over to my overnight room and Sophia finally gets to see the "baby" we've all been talking about when we've pat my tummy.
These 4 little girls are going to have a blast as teenagers together, we're going to be having a lot of fun in another decade!  Sophia didn't like it when anyone else touched the baby.
There she is pointing at the bad person who took her and instructing her father to go and get the baby for her.
As you wish, my queen!  So, here's our new group!  I would have liked to have been changed out of my "gown" before this picture was taken, but I couldn't move my legs yet.  One con on the epidural, but the pros offset the con for me, pros being that I was able to nap and relax all afternoon.
Corey picked me up the next day at 5:15 - 24 hours after delivery (which is how long you have to stay), we had time to enjoy a nice dinner together ~ maybe our last date night for a while?
I think it's really fun that Alta View does this, and mind you, no one can just book a reservation at this local, it's very exclusive!  Then we were on our way home at 6.  As we drove down the street to our house, we saw a couple of little people out in the street and then high tail it into the house when they saw our car.  As the garage opened, there were 8 anxious siblings waiting by the stairs and jumping up and down and soon pawing at the windows to get in and take their little sister away captive ~  Corey got a picture on his smart phone, I'll try to post it later, it was funny.  I thought "You ready baby?  Here we go!"

Once inside, I said Dad got to hold her first (he still hadn't hardly had a chance to see her yet, and we need him to see her so we can figure out a name!)  Let the love begin.
The vital records is going to call on Monday for her name, hopefully we'll have one figured out by then.  :)

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