Saturday, July 6, 2013

Scofield Party

Last weekend our wonderful neighbors invited us down to their cabin for a weekend of good times.  There were lots of friends, lots of food, and lots of fun.  Seriously, there was a huge crowd - 5 families and 35 people ~ that's a total of 9 adults (one dad with a broken foot opted out) and 26 kiddos.  Can you say PaRtY?  Oh yeah!
We got there around 8 pm and so the first evening was just playing night games and roasting "Ulitmate S'mores" at the firepit.  Take note that you don't just use chocolate bars - they had Resees Cups, Cookies and Cream bars, Crunch bars, why haven't I ever thought of that?  We'll never be able to eat regular s'mores again.
Being as it was a full house, I had 4 little roommates that night - 3 in the bed and you can see Abi there on the floor.
See that little sliver of blue sheet on the bed to the right of Sophia?  That's where my 9 month pregnant self slept.  Sounds like a rough night but it was an incredibly soft bed, and it also helps me to have my back supported.  Sure, I usually use pillows, but Sophia was a wonderful substitute.  I slept great!  And we were the lucky ones - everyone else had to claim a spot on the floor and hope no one stepped on them during the nighttime trips to the potty.  How'd you sleep Joe?  Talmage?
Well, hello Hyrum, you're looking bright eyed and bushy tailed.
Ready for a breakfast feast - sausage, eggs, pancakes, muffins, oj, not to mention the left over cupcakes and cheesecake (that's what I had, healthy eatin' starts again when we get home...)
After stuffing themselves everyone headed out for an afternoon of boating.
The kids each took turns out on the boat and rafting on the water.  Corey got to test his Navy Seals skills when the rope got tangled around the propellers - but said "it's hard to untangle it when you have to plug your nose."  Made me laugh.  He was working hard all day, either out on the lake saving kids from drowning  or back at the grill perfecting his Brazilian Rodizio skills.  He's got the sunburn to prove it.  

Here they come!  Heading in for a snack after cooling off in the fresh mountain lake. I generally tried to keep Sophia away from the water, but we did go down for a little bit to let her throw rocks.  She thought that was awesome.  Such a simple child, love it.
Later when it was overcast and cool she fell asleep in the hammock - I thought it was a perfect picture of what the ideal summer afternoon looks like ~ no?  Complete with Oreo cookie mustache.
As the weekend getaway came to it's close, Abi ran around flying a kite and Sophia went walking in meadows of clover 

It was a pefect weekend, so thankful to our neighbors for inviting us and giving our kids great memories with great friends.

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