Saturday, July 27, 2013

Smiley Face Artist

Going to brag about Sophia for a second ~ after weeks of us drawing faces for her, she decided to try her hand at making smileys.  Check out this little one year old's art work!
Isn't that so cute!  Can you see them well enough?
Of course, having another artist in the house doesn't help with the cleanliness.  This little draw-er enjoys creating her masterpieces not only on paper but on walls, furniture, desks, file folders, and any important document or book that she can get her hands on.
(see one on the file folder there on the left, and on paper on the right)
(Luckily she hasn't done the carpet yet.)  
She often finds her older sister's markers laying around, despite my pleading with them to keep them put away in their place.  And since Sophi also knows where the nice white and clean paper in the printer is, which if I don't hide that either, she searches them out and they combine to turn into a pile of smiley faces on the floor.

You're good Sophi, you've got natural talent.  I'm sure someday I'll be proud that you worked so hard to develop it.  Keep it up.


  1. Someday... Isn't that the reassuring mantra of many moms?

  2. She's 1 and she can draw? That's amazing!


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