Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Killer Kiddie Uno

Corey and the kids have been into Uno lately, it's cute to watch them play.  They've been able to get in quite a few games without attracting the little kids, but the other day the 5 and under crowd moved in to make the game that much more interesting.
They started off with regular Uno their first few games, then upped the intensity by making it "Killer Uno" - You know Killer Uno, right?  Is it just a Utah thing?  It's where, for example, if someone puts down a 0 they can make everyone switch cards, or if there's a draw 2 and you have a draw 2 you can add it on so the person next to you has to draw 4 or 6 or 8 or as high as it gets ~ or you can randomly do a match if the card on the pile is an exact match to one of your cards - you know, Killer Uno!

Ok, well Killer Kid Uno is when you're playing Killer Uno but you let a toddler (or several toddlers) in on the game, deal them in with a stack of cards, and whatever they do goes.  So the game has just begun and Lily set all her cards on the stack and changed the color just like that.  Then she wanted all my cards, so she got to have them.  Whatever they do ~ you gotta roll with it.  It was really funny.  Lily totally stole the game from Corey, he was going to put down his last card when she snuck a card in there and changed the color.  It was a fun game night and I'm sure will be a recurring game when the toddlers come and find that the older kids are playing cards.  :)


  1. But if Abi took your cards, did you win by having no cards in your hand?

  2. No, I was kinda forfeited out, unless I could talk one of the kiddies into giving me some more cards :)


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