Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Name Is...

Well, we did it.  She has a name "...and it's a girl's name too." (quote #3)
We spent time on Sunday trying to figure it out ~ played a little game where we chose our top 4 names and ranked them, 3 of our 4 were all the same, so that helped narrow it down.  I won't tell you the other options cause then you'll think "Oh, they should have chosen that other one..."  I've been teasing Corey it's a miracle we got married for how unable to commit he is sometimes. After some more pestering and harrassing by me today and putting on the pressure with more than a few calls, skypes, and messages, we did it.  It's a name he's okay with, whether or not it is THE name, he can't say.  But now we can move on with our lives.
So, her name was officially chosen at 2:34 p.m. on Tuesday July 16, 6 days later (does not make the record for the longest or shortest name choosing time) is:  ~ drumroll ~
Natalie Raquel Wride

I just told the kids, Abi said "Yay!  She has a name!  Oh, I love Natalie!  Natalie Natalie Natalie!"  Although they wanted a different middle name.  Ya just can't please everyone.  sigh.  But I painted her toe nails to celebrate.  (aren't they cute!!)
We tried to let her speak for herself but once again, the baby did not offer much advice, although she did an occassional smile here and there when we threw names at her druing her sleep. This is what she looked like during most of the naming process.
What do you think Natalie?  Do you like "Natalie"? 
Hmm, she's not so sure.  Well, little baby, it's on the books and probably now offically entered into the Medical Records at the hospital, but don't worry, it will grow on you.  :)

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  1. I showed all the kids the baby Natalie photos and there were a lot of oohs and aahs. Beautiful name for another beautiful baby. Congratulations!


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