Tuesday, July 9, 2013

False Alarm

When I spoke to the Women's Center yesterday at 7, they told me they were pretty busy and to call back at 9.  I called back at 9 and they said things hadn't slowed down and to call back at 11.  So I called back at 11 and they said they might not be able to get me in today.  (I was handling all of this news pretty well, had to be a good example to the kids who were throwing their hands up in the air with impatience.)  So I called back at 1 and they said yeah, they currently had 7 women in labor and were not going to be able to do it today (that's Utah folks - we get the gold medal).  I was okay with that thinking we'll go tomorrow which would be fun cause it's my sister's birthday (Joseph was bragging that it would be on his half birthday), but then she said my Dr. wanted to reschedule for Wednesday cause on Tues he had some surgeries scheduled at a hospital across the valley and he didn't want to have to be in two places at the same time if he could avoid it.  That's when I felt some disappointment.  Blah, I gotta wait till Wednesday?!?  Like, that's two whole days!  Then came the self pep talk - Come on Tiff, it's been 39 weeks, you can handle 2 days.  You're okay though, you can handle 2 days.  This is not a problem. ...Although Saturday to Monday seems shorter than Monday to Wednesday.  Monday to Wed is the slowest part of the week, I shall have to think of something to keep busy.  More spray painting perhaps?  Or maybe I'll just be a lazy person and nap through it all.  I guess it's good cause I didn't have the carseat ready or gotten any baby clothes out of storage yet.  The little one is just helping to give me time to get my act together.

So I'm ok with the anticlimactic Monday we had.  Plus the kids experienced and displayed more than enough frustration for our family, (they were being a little dramatic.)  Ethan said "I wish I could take a magic drink to make me fall alseep for two days and I would just wake up on Wednesday..." Melodie said "This has been the longest day EVER!"  To help cope with the stress of waiting Mel and I went out and bought ice cream and candy, so we can sing happy birthday to the baby again tonight.  I better not be told to call back tomorrow.  Or I'm just gonna fake I'm in labor and go in.  Hopefully in the morning I'll be able to sneek off before the kids are awake, might make the waiting game easier for them.

Til tomorrow ~


  1. Oh no! I am so sorry, I was checking your blog and FB yesterday to see if your hubby posted any pictures. This last week of pregnancy is so long and 2 days really, truly feels like an eternity. Then you get them here and the days seem to just mesh together and before you know it a week has gone by, then another week and suddenly you are at a month and you don't know where the time went. I hope this day goes by fast for you. Hugs.

  2. Thanks Kristen, I was hoping no one thought that no news meant something bad had happened. I'll post pictures soon, atleast I better! If there's any "call back in 2 hours" junk tomorrow someone is in big trouble...

  3. Oh no...that's no fun. I was waiting for updates and pictures too! You have a good attitude about it. I got pushed off just a couple hours when having Maya, and it just about RUINED MY LIFE. Well, not really, but that's how it felt at the time. Good luck to you tomorrow!

  4. Casey - your "RUINED MY LIFE" phrase is exactly how I felt, thanks for making me laugh and I like knowing you mothers understand! I'm there with you, but trying to put on a brave face. :)


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