Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Getting Ready for Kindergarten

Sophi is turning 5 years old in a week. And she's turning the big number 5, which for most kids means time for kindergarten. But poor Sophi is a September birthday. That means when the topic comes up, we've been very careful to put on a big smile and say "You get to go to school when you're 6!!!" I was thinking though, that she seems ready to go now, so we've gotten a kindergarten book and a 1st grade book and my big ambitious plan is to have her get through both of them before next August and then she can just start first grade. That's the tentative plan. The main pro of that plan would be that I don't have a half day interruption for kindergarten, she could just go full day and go to and walk home from the bus with her siblings. The main con I see is that she and Natalie will have a grade between them. I like having Abi and Lily in 3rd and 2nd grade right next to each other. It would be the same for Sophi and Natalie if we don't try to have Sophi skip kindergarten, so I might still change my plan for that reason. But Sophi is cute and doing great in her little kindergarten book.
She even cheers for herself when she's done with a page "Yay! I am awesome!" Yes you are, Sophers! You're a smart girl!
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