Friday, August 12, 2016

Happy Birthday Hyrum

We have another teenager in the house - Congratulations Hyrum, you're 13!
And we didn't have to put any "1-3" candles on his cake, cause there are 13 letters in H-A-P-P-Y- -B-I-R-T-H-D-A-Y
He got his wish, good job buddy. During the week I went to find one of his requested lego gifts at the store, but neither of them were there. So I took him to the Lego store to find it today, and they weren't there either! You know you've got a serious lego kid when the Lego store doesn't have it. So I bought two girl lego sets for upcoming birthdays or Christmas, and Hyrum left with a minifigure. So sad. I came home and ordered his gift online, but now he has to wait a few days. He says he feels like his birthday shouldn't be over, and I guess it shouldn't since there's a gift coming in the mail. But Grandma Hibbert came by early with cash and candy, and Grandma Wride came by after lunch with legos and BYU looking Stance socks, sweet. But there's nothing else coming today for the birthday boy. But let it be known your parents have purchased a gift. Ethan was telling Hyrum today how Corey and I didn't get him anything on his birthday, which I couldn't believe was true, but I didn't record anything from us here on the blog, so who knows... my mistake not documenting that. I'll have to record or photo our gifts in the future to cover things. So, Hyrum, so you know in the future, on your 13th birthday you got an out of production Star Wars lego from us, plus I also bought you a minifigure at the Lego Store. He and I spent 15 minute trying to feel the minifigure packages for the babysitter, but did not succeed in finding it. The store guy said the baby sitter is a hot item and there probably weren't any left. Hyrum asked if he'd sell us the one in the display case.
No can do with that, so sad for the birthday boy. So we kept the spy guy we'd felt for instead and Hyrum wants to go back when they get a new shipment in to find the baby sitter, cause he just has to have that baby for his Lego family! Cause remember his mother minifigure is expecting... she must be due anyday!! Hopefully Hyrum will have a cute baby before lego mom delivers.
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