Wednesday, August 31, 2016

School Spirit

Wes is a fun kid. This week is spirit week at his school and he's all in. Yesterday was Disney day or something and so he dressed up as Peter Pan. He wore the Peter Pan shirt that used to fit him when he was a toddler. The costume fits a 4 year old but he squoze himself into it. Needless to say it was a bit tight. I was okay with the shirt and hat, but had to forbid him from wearing the pants. They looked like short tight green leggings on him. They might have been more appropriate for today, which was crazy pants day. But no need for tights today, he's got something even better! Guess what this creative boy come up with for crazy pants day? Well he went downstairs seeking inspiration as he made a toss through of all the items in the costume box. Not too much longer he came back upstairs to show us his creation. Needless to say we were all very impressed and had a good laugh with him. Mel had headphones in as she listened to math videos on the computer, so we went over to get her. We had to have the original creative genius of the household come see the good work of her successor. She was very impressed. I didn't get a picture of him until this morning - I drove by the bus stop on my way home from dropping off Ethan and Hyrum. Here he is in all his Yosemite Sam glory ~
Those are the zoot suit pants from Ethan and Joseph's band, which are nice and baggy, allowing Wesley to stuff a pillow in each leg, giving him the illusion of having very bowed cowboy legs or something. He had a nice waddle as he walked.
As you can see, his friends didn't participate in the show your spirit activity today, not yesterday either, but Wes didn't seem to mind going it alone and he wore it with pride. He said that he made lots of people laugh at school, and many kids told him "Those pants are sick" which in the lingo of today's youth means "exceptionally cool". He also said it was crazy hot and his legs were sweating so much he felt like he wet his pants. Still, he felt proud. I did too, I'm glad he's got such confidence and thankful that he enjoys making us all laugh.
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