Monday, August 1, 2016

Next Month!!

Hooray, it's August! 
And do you know why that is cause for celebration? Well, it's because August is the month before September, and in September I get to be delivered of this child I am carrying, can I get a hallelujah? Yes, it is a good day and I am glad August is finally here. Almost there. I'm also 32 weeks today, which is officially 8 months, so that is good news too, because it somewhat justifies me looking like I'm full term, like I have for the past 3 months.

What else? I've also realized recently that I've been pregnant for a long time during these child bearing years. This is child #11, and each pregnancy is 9 months, so that means after this baby is done cooking, I'll have been pregnant 99 MONTHS! That is like almost 100! And then I thought about it and if you count my miscarriage of 10 weeks, I've already passed the 99 months. That is crazy. 99.... that is a lot of months. Hmm, let us do the pregnancy math ~

Joseph - at school in Provo, went 10 days over due (bad baby!) = 41 weeks + 3 days
Melodie - Mel was due the 18th of December, so I was planning on a Christmas/New years baby given how Joseph's birth went. Moved to Sandy, new doctor, asked if I wanted to be induced! Yes please! 39 weeks + 1 day
Ethan - 39 weeks
Hyrum - 38 weeks 5 days
Wesley - moved to Provo for Corey's MBA, went to doctor that delivered Joseph, who preferred his patients to go into labor on their own. Luckily Wes was nice to me: 40 weeks + 2 days
Abi - back to Sandy, but no insurance yet, Corey was hoping I'd go over due until the 14th when the new job insurance kicked in, over my dead body. Born on her due date Sept 3rd = 40 weeks
Lily - 39 weeks
miscarriage - 10 weeks
Sophi - 39 weeks
Natalie - 39 weeks + 2 days
Owen - 39 weeks that equals (41+39+39+38+40+40+39+10+39+39+39...) 403 weeks, plus 12 days = 404 weeks and 5 days, plus this pregnancy which will hopefully be 39 weeks = a grand total of 443 weeks and 5 days, 5/7 days = .71 weeks = 443.71 weeks, which is 102.11 months of my life. Wow. So let that be a lesson for us all. Now we know that if you have a lot of kids, you're going to be pregnant for a lot of months. Good, glad I know that now.
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