Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Somethings Gotta Give

We are almost in the full swing of things. And it doesn't appear to be sustainable. We might be running faster than we have strength. Maybe we have strength for it, but it's just gonna be really painful. It's gonna hurt and kill like the last miles of a marathon. ...not that I've ran a marathon. But I just read that Utahn Jared Ward, who ran the race of his life and placed 6th in the Rio Olympics, was unable to bend over to tie his shoes after giving his all for 26.2 miles. Yeah, that's about where we are or soon will be.

Corey is going out of town in a week for 10 days, and I can survive that okay. The boys have their auditions at the Soundhouse - hallelujah that I have another driver, thank you Joseph.  Shortly after Corey returns, there will be a new bundle of joy arriving, and that.... that might be when things hit the fan. Right now the kids are busy busy but I am able to keep the house pretty clean. Not so sure I'll be able to do that when Junior comes and nursing starts. I better clear the clutter out fast. I got 4 weeks.

So, right now the thing that is falling by the wayside is writing anything down here. I am still going to try to catch up blogging for the past two weeks. But after that, I might set a new goal to just post one picture a day or something doable. Here's our pic for today - Owen last night playing with Natalie's phone. He got his own phone and "tablet" for his birthday, and he'll poke around with the letters and numbers on those, but he really zones in with Natalie's cell. I think the magic might be the blue light, it's pretty cute.
This past week as the older kids started school I haven't really had a chance to sit at the computer at all, or if I do, I actually stay on task with things that really need to get done. But I just got up at 5 am with Joseph and Melodie - did my 12 minutes of planks, and I think this might be my chance to blog each day, atleast over the next 4 weeks. So I'll try to put something here and catch up, but apologies to anyone who follows this blog or to posterity who wonder why things are not documented well after the summer of 2016. That was right before we officially got in over our heads.
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