Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Last Week of Summer

...Well, atleast for the older kids. The younger group has two weeks. But still, things are winding up. So how are the children spending their time? Mostly playing legos. Abi rides her bike, the older kids hang out with friends. The younger kids haven't played with friends much, but I suspect there will be a big gathering for night games before the summer is officially over.

But I'm totally going to miss them when school starts, mostly not having them here to help me. ...Not so much help with cleaning, cause they've been slacking at that, but they've been my angel helpers with Owen during the day.
They'll rock him to sleep when I try to exercise, they'll get him out of his crib when he wakes up and play with him. they watch him and Natalie while I run to the store. They are great kids and great helpers. I ran a few errands yesterday and told Mel that I'd buy her chocolate if she cleaned the kitchen while I was gone, including mopping it. It was just such a wreck, and the floor was so sticky from I don't know what, but I couldn't bring myself to do it. She cleaned it all up while I was gone - so nice!!! I gave her a king size Twix to say thank you, she totally saved me. She said Joseph helped too... he had a date planned for that night and they were going to come here to cook and play games, so he helped. Luckily I had more chocolate - I had a Resess PB cub for him. Joseph also cleaned out the van for his date, sweet. I was able to breath again. Also gave treats to my Owen sitters.
I guess we're all going to have to kick it in gear pretty soon... I've been lazy and we haven't been following up on the chore board. But the reality of school and schedule will start soon enough. Until then, we'll let them play legos, and I'll see if I can keep on top of the cleaning...
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