Wednesday, August 24, 2016

School Begins - Phase 2

Well, they all made it off to school today. Busy morning with four different departure times: high school duo Joseph and Mel at 5:45, then Eth and Hyrum to jr. high jazz band at 6:45. I was late waking up Wes - got him up at 7 bu the still made it to the buss stop at 7:25 ~
Abi was awake to see Wesley's bus go by, then woke up Lily in a panic to tell her the bus just left. Lily was in tears when I got back from saying bye to Wes. It's okay girls, you're not late, there's plenty of time. Abi changed her clothes several times and then they were ready for another year of elementary school at 8:20.
So it was a busy but good morning. I helped the kids make their beds, and then (get this) the beds stayed made all day! Same with dishes! I loaded the dishwasher and the sink was still fairly empty at 4pm. It was nice to not have 38 cups in there by lunch from all the sips of water that the kids have had during the hot days of summer. So that's two good things about school starting. When I think of other pros, mostly I'd just rather have them home. But we've all had a good day. I finally clean my office.

So what do the Wrides do the night before school starts for everyone? Most people are probably in bed, but not us... we've got the men of the house playing Crusin' for a Bluesin at 10:30 pm.

It was fun to hear them play though, that's a fun song. This is their first day of trying it out... Ethan is hogging the music here cause he was sight reading it. He and Hyrum wanted to practice it cause they might play it for the Hello Day assembly on Thursday at their school. Can they pull it off in time? We shall see, one more day to practice. Pretty good for the first day though, Mel and I enjoyed watching them!
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