Sunday, February 4, 2018

All State Jazz Weekend Recap

Corey has been down in St. George this weekend with Ethan for the All State Jazz Festival. Abi, Lily, Sophi, and Natalie also went with them, cause we don't consider it that bad for them to miss a day of school - they don't get a ton of homework that they need to make up. Ah, the bliss of elementary school. So, they took 4 little girls with them. They left on Thursday shortly after noon and got home late last night. Thus providing me with this good chance to do "Family History" on this sabbath day as I blog about their adventure. So, Thursday they got there in time for Ethan to make his first rehearsal (Corey had let Eth's concern about getting there in time influence his driving, thus the $120 speeding ticket he got in Beaver county...)
They had rehearsal on Thurs and Friday and then their performance on Saturday.
They also got there in time for the girls to enjoy some night swimming.
Corey worked while they played - notice his feet kicked up in the right bottom corner of the photo. There will be a couple of photos like that in this post. Corey had Natalie say "My name is Natalie. I love my Dad. I'm a mermaid."
Enjoying dinner while watching TV - gotta love vacations!
Friday morning 2 February - more watching TV... then bringing their stuff in from the car - 
Thursday night they came, swam, and crashed. Now it's a new say, time to settle in.
Lily brought Bunky Bunky. Luckily, with just 5 kids, there was room for him in the car. I have always refused to let her bring him on trips. I probably wouldn't have let her on this one either, had I gone down instead of Corey. But lucky for her, Lily's dad didn't find it irritating. 
Abi and Lily eating chips while they are most likely asking him if they can go swimming... and that's another feet-kicked-up-on-a-chair-with-a-computer-on-his-lap photo.
Natalie participating in a vacation activity that isn't watching tv, good job Natalie!
Looks like they talked him into taking them to the pool -
But not without them having to do the work of carrying his computer bag - 
Work those muscles Lil!
Swimming, swimming, and more swimming
Natalie striking a pose while her partners in crime swim behind.
She's got the goggles on - ready to show off her serious swimming skills!
On Friday, after Ethan was done with rehearsals, they went to the theater to watch the Greatest Showman. Can you tell that anyone is having a squabble over who gets to hold the popcorn?
Hint: left side of the photo. I think their faces are pretty funny.
Yes, that's right, its Abi and Lily. Ethan gets to be in charge of a bowls and the 4 girls have to fend for themselves. It's tough being the food scavengers in the downline. I'm guessing they got it figured out.
They all enjoyed the show. Ethan said Corey was crying. Corey and I saw it on a date night a few weeks ago. It was so fun, but now that I know the lyrics to the songs, I love it even more. Corey felt like the Tightrope song was about me and my trust and love for him and my patience as he pursues his dreams. When they told me that tonight it made me cry. So we pretty much love the Greatest Showman, like everyone else in the world. Ok, back to their trip... Saturday morning breakfast - doughnuts and orange juice!
Watching TV again 
Corey takes a lot of pictures, and also takes like 5 shots of each picture. So this has taken me quite a while to filter through all these... I've seriously transferred 422 photos and videos from his phone!! It took over an hours, gosh!
I'm sure not each of these moments in time in necessary to document, but I'm just trying to give an appropriate recap of their weekend, not that I know much of the details. Corey went to a "Owner's presentation" for some more points/credits. We had just done that two months ago at Wolfcreek, but they're always pretty insistent. When Corey was checking in, he was thinking "...and I know what you're going to ask me next, and the answer is no, I don't want to go to an Owner's presentation meeting..." but they don't even listen, and Corey's excuses didn't work "I don't have anyone to watch my little kids!" "They can come! We'll give them lunch!" Well lucky you, girls.
Waiting for their lunch. (Natalie is inside that pink hooded coat there)
It was short and only a little painful, then they checked out and went out to the mall? Maybe? while they waited for Ethan's performance to start. They went into a photo booth, but instead of paying for the booth to take a picture, they did a group selfie.
Corey trying to give the girls a small taste of what we did before smart phones. Fun memories!
Over to take pictures in the unicorn cut out -
Like I said, a lot of pictures, sorry.

Probably not necessary to show each one, but don't want anyone to feel left out.
Finally, the moment that they'd been waiting for came - the All State Jazz Performance.
Ethan did a great job. Corey has a lot of videos, each one is long and I'm not sure if he has a preference on which one he wants to share so I'm just gonna let that wait until Corey gives me some direction. But thanks for your amazing skills, Ethan! And for giving Corey and the girls a good excuse for a fun trip down south with you!

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