Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Bedtime and Stories

Mel doesn't get many chances to snuggle with Daniel. She used to be the second mother in line when I'd need a break, but those were simpler times for Melodie. Now she is so busy that she hasn't had  much time to bond with this little guy. Daniel often chooses Abi over me, Abi is the new second mother of choice. So Mel was really happy tonight when Daniel fell asleep on her. 
Of course we sat there and stared at him and ooh "He's so cute" a dozen times. We put him in his crib and we just loved his little stink bug position, and his cute little feet folded up under him.
Back in fetal position. He always tucks his arms into his tummy when he snuggles up with us. So cute.
Another cute moment on Sunday night - I had just read the Toy Story 3 book "The Great Toy Escape" to Natalie, and then I walked out and walked back in and she was in the chair re-telling the story to Owen, it was so cute.
I love her little voice so much.

I enjoy having these little ones at home. They are my little friends.

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