Friday, February 2, 2018

Life 360

Corey is in St. George this weekend with Ethan, Abi, Lily, Sophi, and Natalie. Ethan is performing in the All State Jazz band. I will try to share some pictures soon, if they send me some. If they don't, I shall try to transfer them when I get my hands on Corey's phone after their return. They left yesterday around 1. Corey got a speeding ticket on the way there, near Manderfield just north of Beaver, according to the Life 360 app. So that was unfortunate. Corey admitted he was speeding and got clocked at 95. I said "Hmm, well, according to Life 360 you were going 98..." I like how this app keeps me in the know! Also, I knew that Ethan needed to be picked up from school around noon, and I could also tell, thanks to Life 360, that Corey hadn't left the ROB yet (Riverton Office Building) and thus wouldn't be able to get him in time, so I called Corey... He picks it up: "Hey, can you go get Ethan for me? I'm still in a meeting..." Yep, I know, that's why I was calling." I was able to see when Ethan was coming out to the car, and tonight I can see the address of where they are staying in St. George. Pretty cool technology.

Joseph had this app on his phone and was able to tell when his friends were, how long their trips were, how fast they were doing. Meh, I thought, I don't need to know all that stuff. But I finally and somewhat reluctantly downloaded it last week, right before Corey and the older kids spent a night skiing at Brighton . I first realized how handy it was when, instead of calling Corey to see if they had left yet and were on their way home, I was able to open the app! And look at that, there are their little computer circled faces still up Big Cottonwood Canyon. Ok! So I guess I can go to bed since, if I were to wait, I'd be an hour away from bedtime, and that is too late for me. Very helpful indeed! Here is what it looks like most school mornings: Joseph and Ethan in the jazz band room, Mel and Hyrum in the library.
I can also see their phone battery percentages, a fun fyi letting me know which of my kids inherited my battery obsessive compulsive disorder. This app has been most handy. Thank you, Joseph my son, for the recommendation. There are a lot of perks of living in this tech generation, I'll try not to drag my feet about next time.

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