Friday, February 23, 2018


Good morning, Tiffanie! 
Another morning, another full sink of dishes. Actually the whole kitchen is a wreck.
Kids don't help clean up after dinner, except Abi, so it's all just piled up. Plus after dinner, I'm done and I need me time or to go to bed. Or hide in my closet and read a book about how to manage my life. So, putting off cleaning up the kitchen usually is what leads to this recurring scene for myself in the morning. But in the morning I'm refreshed and can usually get a full load going before I exercise. I'm glad it's Friday. We need to figure out a system around here and have follow through so everyone pitches in. They are so busy during the school week, and I feel like I'm usually alone in running this ship. And I'm still praying for deliverance from the financial mess the business has us in. Hang in there, Tiff. I started another book called "A Year To Clear" by Stephanie Vogt and it shares a lot of the same things that I've been learning at the EJC and from Holly about the real issues behind our clutter or weight, etc. So, I'm hoping little by little I'll clear my mind and home of the mental and emotional clutter and create balance in my life.

Action at full throttle is like living with sun twenty four hours a day without the balance of moon and nightime to rest and recharge. It’s too yang. When we live solely to do, fix, or make things happen, we miss a huge opportunity to cultivate the balancing effects of yin energy–receptivity, presence, intuition, surrender–qualities that are only available to us when we slow down.
I should follow my little boy's example. Maybe I'll go take a nap.

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