Monday, February 26, 2018

Five Goals

So, I told you before, and I'll tell you again... Holly is awesome and her online workshops are great. If any of you want to join the EJC with me, I've decided it's worth the money. I've joined as a regular member and if you're looking for something to help you get on track, this will help (if you put in the work!)

I've spent the past month working on my homework for the "Design Your Best Year Yet" workshop and I'm loving it. There are four phases, so about one a week to work on, so I'm catching up a bit but I'm almost done. Phase 1 was Complete the Past. Phase 2: You Become What You Believe. Phase 3: Design Your Future, and Phase 4: Make It Happen. We chose our 3 priorities and she guided me through selecting those. Mine are Faith, Family, and Self Care. And then I made a huge brain dump list of all my hopes for this year (I kept it at 42 things cause I'm turning 42 this year) and filtered through those and selected 5 to focus on. I did the work and ran those through the SMARTER framework (Specific, Measureable, Actionable, Risky, Timed, Exciting, Relevant) and I found out my "Why?" for each goal. Anyway, I did a lot of my self-work over the weekend and today is day one of phase 4 - making it happen! I've got a lot of alarms on my phone, but it's been a great wonderful calm and diligent day, I'm checking things off and I'm excited cause I'm not just checking things off, but they are in my mind and my attitude is good and I feel happier and calmer, which is one of the big things I want to work on. So, here are my Five SMARTER Goals with 3 of my why's underneath:

1) PHYSICAL (Self Care): I will do 5 min flow each morning at 6 plus 10 reverse pull ups 3 days a week, with a goal to see how many I can do on April 28th
• Great exercises that work everything
• Need to maximize my workout time bang for the buck
• I will impress myself if I can do pull ups and if I improve my flexibility

2) SPIRITUAL (Faith): I will read the Book of Mormon 15 minutes everyday at 9 am
• it will help me draw nearer to the Lord
• I will find answers
• I will feel God near and know He is helping us and He cares

3) ENVIRONMENT(Family): I will do atleast one day of “A Year to Clear” each day at lunch time (while eating lunch or immediately after)
• I need a clear mind and home to be better support to my family
• Corey does so much, this is the least I can do
• a calm clear home and happy wife will help him cope with stress from work

4) EMOTIONAL HEALTH (Self Care): I will set a timer for 5 minutes of affirmations and positive thinking daily at 7:30 a.m, 1:30 pm, and 7:30 pm
• I want to have better thoughts and outlook on life
• I want to be happier person and example to my kids
• Happier family

5) LEISURE (Self Care/Family): I will have one on one time with two of my children each day of the week – younger kids during day at 2, older kids after dinner around 8 pm – play a board game, dance, talk, color together, some yummy homemade food)
• We've been all work and no play
• I want good personal memories with each of my children
• I want my children to have good memories of/about me

Last night I played Othello with Hyrum! It wasn't quite one on one time, cause little kids were hovering around, but it was a good practice session. I also had a breakthrough this week with finding out a few more limiting beliefs and turning them into empowering beliefs. So, my first limiting belief was "I am not in control". I'm doing good at getting rid of that one. A new one I discovered over the weekend was "I have a hard time resisting treats". One of my EJC friends shared this Whole30 Off-roading map that was helpful -

Which led me to reading Chapter 20 in my Whole30 "It Starts With Food" book- check out these two great snippets!

p. 225 – CHEAT DAYS: We are not fans of scheduled “cheat meals” and even worse, “cheat days.” When you purposefully plan to make poor food choices, you are literally setting youself up to fail! Plus, you are more likely to eat something you don’t really want, just because you’ve told yourself you can. In addition, devoting an entire day to poor food choices (allowing yourself to binge on all the super-normally stimulating, processed, nutrient poor food you want) wreaks havoc for days to come. Your sugar cravings, GI tract, energy levels, and mental health will take far less of a”hit” if you eat healthy, slip in your less healthy choice, then go right back to eating healthy foods (versus an entire day of carb-a-palooza). 

p .226 – “If you are happy with your food, feeling great, and lovin’ life, there is no reason whatsoever to stray from this template.” Then the book gives a few reasons to eat foods that are less healthy. 1) for culturally significant or family related events in which food and drink play a major role. Wedding, special vacation, christmas dinner – can have important emotional significance. 2) Because they are delicious – On a case by case basis, make conscious, deliberate, informed decisions. … which led to this next part that I loved.

p. 227 THAT AINT SPECIAL – One thing we’ll tell you right now – the box of doughnuts (or the open bag of pretzels, or the bag of M&Ms sitting on the breakroom counter) is not special. You are a grown up. You earn your own money. And if you want doughnuts, pretzels, or a bag of M&Ms, you can walk right into ANY supermarket or convenience store and BUY THEM. These foods are not special. They’re not homemade, or a once a year treat, and we’re pretty sure they don’t evoke fond childhood memories of sitting around the dining room table while mom pulls things out of the oven. Now, if the chocolate glazed doughnut is your favorite food in the whole world, that may be a different story. But don’t indulge in something that’s less healthy just because its AROUND. That’s not a good enough reason. 

So, I discovered a limiting belief. I have thought “I have a hard time resisting treats” and “I like treats, I want a treat!” But now I’m going to go over the roadmap and if some unexpected cookies show at up, I will say “It is easy for me to resist treats” and “Those aren’t special”. Using “That aint special” totoally works! Like I have this "I'm too good for you!" feeling now when look at Nutella or think of the store bought cookies I had a hard time resisting last week. I’m excited it’s worked. Another new empowering belief “I will make conscious, deliberate, informed food decisions/choices” If I deliberately decide the food or drink is really worth it, I can move on enjoying it, not feeling guilty about it. Such good stuff I'm learning, I'm excited. So, it's almost lunch time, I've done 5 pull ups/let downs so far (I have an alarm set to go off each hour on the hour, about time to go do #6...) I read the Book of Mormon and my scriptures at 9, just like I specifically planned and designed to do, yay! I'm also doing atleast one "day" from the book "A Year To Clear" and so far the things Vogt shares in that book are perfectly aligned with what I've already been doing with Holly. This is going to be my best year yet!

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