Thursday, February 22, 2018

Healthy Daniel

Last night we had a sit down dinner again, yay for me. I made Red Okra Curry. It was my own creation, adapting it from a Purple Carrot Red Curry Ramen. I've used this as a base recipe before. This time we used rice instead of ramen, a side of zucchini instead of carrots, and I added some okra to the pot of curry. The kids all tried it (cause Corey had brought home some Dunford Donuts as a reward for the children who tried the food I prepared). A handful said the meal was good. The rest said it was tolerable. Tolerable - that's good enough for me, I'll take it!

Daniel often follows me around when it's meal time. Here I am eating my dinner in Ethan and Hyrum's room one night at the beginning of February, (which is why sit down meals needs to be one of my priorities this year...)
I asked Corey to take a picture of Daniel eating my salad. He's such a healthy little guy. Lily used to eat my soup, and she is still a healthy eater, maybe cause that is what she and we have been telling her for years. We'll start that up with Daniel now too!
So Daniel likes to share bits of the salads I make. He's likes beets and tomatoes.
This morning Daniel sat by me on the stairs and we enjoyed the leftover okra and curry for lunch. I looked at him and said "Daniel, I bet you're the only 1 year old in America eating okra right now..." He is such a healthy little kid! A few weeks ago, on a Costco trip, I picked up a few samples to give to him. But he didn't want the pizza, or the buttered bread, he didn't want any of the normal foods. But as we were standing in line at the check out, that little kid grabbed the package of mushrooms, popped his little fingers through the plastic, pulled out a mushroom for himself, and started chomping on it like it was a big juicy apple. I looked at him and thought "You are so weird! I love it! Go Daniel, you eat that mushroom!" Here he is eating a mushroom at home.
Testing it out... Hmm...
Yeah, I'll give it a go, this is the healthy stuff that's good for me, right mom?
Yes Daniel, that will keep you alive and well. So help me, I would love it if this kid never learns the word McDonalds and never has a fond memory of any fast food joint. Well... I will allow it if it's in a foreign country. But I"m determined for Daniel to grow up with memories of outdoor parks and hikes in the mountains instead of playplaces! That is my goal. There might still be hope for Owen, but Natalie's got a big sugar dragon and love "Nicdonals". She wants cereal for breakfast and lunch, hot chocolate for a snack, and yogurt for dinner. Those are all things Corey grabs when he does his little grocery run on the way home from work. I know I know, he's only trying to be helpful. Yesterday it was helful cause I did want some kale which I'm going to use tonight (Roasted Tomato Gratin! It's a new family fav) but we're gonna go over our grocery budget again sweetie. And it's hard for my gratin to compete with Yoplait if it's around... we gotta work together a little more. Natalie, I'm sure, would have finished off the yogurt Corey got yesterday had I not hidden it in the fridge in the garage.

But little Daniel, my goal is that forever, instead of reaching for the sugary yogurt in the fridge - he will reach for the hummus! Just kidding, that's not a goal... cause he already does that! Here he is eating some steamed yellow squash.
(I just love baby squats - how their legs just fold up, so cute.) Daniel also enjoys eating roasted seaweed.
Sophi, Natalie, Owen and Daniel all love the seaweed cause I started young with them (Sophi eating it in her carseat) - but not the kids Abi and older, they all think it's stinky and gross (Wes replused by it years ago). It's pretty funny how it is all crispy and they shove it and crinkle it into their little mouths.

I have to eat the seaweed secretly, cause if the kids catch me or hear the crinkling, they'll come eat up the whole package, and another, and another. But I guess that's a good thing, right? I should encourage it when they find plant based foods that they like. Yes, I'll try to support good things and not squash them.

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