Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Preemptive Love

At the beginning of this month, my "lifestyle coach" Holly encouraged us to join her doing a "February Facebook Fast". I don't think I wasted too much time on there before, but it was nice to fast from it and not have it be an option. But tonight, since it's almost March, I just got on a peeked around and I saw a video of one of my favorite organizations, Preemptive Love. Watch that video. You see that guy, Omar? He is taking care of twelve children! TWELVE! Sometimes I think I got it rough here in the abundant US of A with my eleven kids!?! I've definitely gotten the easy part. Am I and are my children starving for food? Are we sleeping in the open desert air in on concrete rubble? He says they've forgotten what it's like to sleep. Oh, what a hard lot in life they've been given. I've got nothing to complain about, oh I wish I could just bring all of them here to our home and help them.
Look at this sweet baby girl sleeping, a beautiful picture complete innocence and trust, not worrying about the violence and horror in her country. The poor caretaker carries those worries for both of them - Awat and Mariam in Mosul Iraq. Teleportation devices aren't around yet, (hopefully someone has gotten started inventing those) but since I can't bring them here, I can atleast try to send food there. Thus, we're now making a monthly donation. Organizations like this and Operation Underground Railroad are just so good. We have to help!
This charity group "Preemptive Love" caught my attention a couple of years ago, probably via facebook video. I was touched and made a donation or two. Oh wait, no, I heard about them through Ann Voskamp, yeah that's right. Love her too. So, a little while after donating I was surprised and grateful that they sent me a book to say thanks. I read it and it made my heart cry and yearn to help bring comfort to the people of Syria and Iraq. I'm grateful for the work that Preemptive Love does.
Donate today! Skip out on a new article of clothing or getting your nails done and send help their way! With just a little effort we can help make their hard lives better.

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