Monday, June 3, 2013

Cereal Sunday

I'm on a health kick.  I've been trying to cut back on the junk we eat, the first thing to go was the Malt O Meal cereal - Honey Blenders and Honey Nut Cheerios.  Those have been gone since March.  Other than that I've been easy on them.  I've taken it up a notch in May and I've got a full plan of attack in the works once school is out on Friday.  More on that later.  So, for breakfast, the kids have been having eggs or protein shakes.  But I have let them have cereal once a week on Sunday.  Wesley went shopping with me on Saturday and I let him pick out the cereal.  He chose "Fruity Dino Bites."  Ok, it's just one day, and we got the small bag.  Then I remembered it was the first Sunday of the month, and thus Fast Sunday.  The older kids usually fast, the kids under 8 years old don't.  When Ethan saw the bowl of rainbow colored junk his little sisters were eating he protested at the injustice of it all.  I said he could have some later in the day.

Ethan wanted the cereal as soon as he ended his fast, but I had a healthy vegetable overloaded dinner planned - steamed zucchini squash, a big bowl of salad with pico de gallo salsa, a plate of carrots and celery, and salmon.  NO, not yet.  Pester pester.  You guys finish that plate of celery and carrots and then you can have the cereal.  Ethan moaned for the first hour, but when I didn't give in he relented and took the plate and ate and chewed (oh, all this fiber!!) and tracked down his siblings and made each of them eat too, all the while complaining at how hard it was to eat the vegetables.  When it was finally gone I poured them all a bowl of junk cereal.  Ethan had finally gotten what he wanted but continued to intentionally get on my health nerves by practically purring as he ate ~ he kept saying things like "Mmmmm, these are SO GOOD, these taste so good... I LOVE this cereal.  This is the best cereal..." and other garbage like that.  I was trying not to let the fact that sugar addiction was bugging me out show, but I was stewing inside.  "I'm glad you're enjoying that cereal, Ethan.  Be sure to chew it slowly, cause I'm not buying that again for a long long time"  I almost said "I'm never buying that junk EVER AGAIN!!!", but didn't want to make an empty threat incase I do buy it sometime again for some dumb reason.  I was calm but felt like dumping the left over cereal into the garbage and said so outloud.  That made Ethan stop his sugar basking for a moment, but then he went on again and, although I don't like to waste food or money, I figured this didn't really count at food, and in an act to show I'm serious that we're done with junk cereal, I took the bag and dumped it down the garbage disposal in front of the kids.  They were sobered but didn't freak out, which I appreciated. Then I sprayed it with water and made sure I got it all soggy, lest some pathetic sugar cereal addicted child tried to salvage any of it from the top of the pile.
So yeah, no more cereal EVER.  I'll say that here.  I'm done with it, done with the junk and sugar.  No more.  I'll post more about my master plan for summer health tomorrow.  Watch this video for what I'm thinking and the book and author behind my latest kick.  Good stuff.
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