Thursday, June 20, 2013

Smiley Faces

I spend a good chunk of my time everyday drawing smiley faces for Sophia.  She'll find a paper and pen somewhere, and then come push them in my hands and then point at the paper and say "DA!" which is toddler command for "You know the routine, do it right there".  Tonight she caught me with my own paper and pen, which also happens frequently, so instead of planning the two upcoming birthdays that Lily and Wes have, I drew smiley faces.  And I thought I'd get the rest of the family in on the action, so I drew them big.  That made it more fun because Corey was on the couch next to us and he obeyed Sophia's commands as she pointed to the smiley face we were doing.  Interactive smiley faces!

She really liked his mad smiley face and pointed to that one over and over, each time giving herself a good laugh as she saw her dad's awesome facial expressions.
And that picture above also captures what a multi-tasking Dad looks like: making faces for Sophia, being a jungle gym to climb on for Lily, and also tickling Abi, whose hair you can see beneath Corey, with her arm being held above her head ready for some armpit torture.
Corey being scared at Sophi's mad face.  Fun stuff.
Showing Corey her scream face (top right corner).  Sometimes I run out of faces to draw.  If she catches me at the computer, we'll do an image search for "smiley face" and that satisfies her for a while.  I don't really have anything that I have to do at the computer anyway.  :)

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